Crucial Cannabis Info: What are Terpenes?

woman smelling cannabis

Of all the components that the cannabis plant is known for, its flavorful aroma and taste is by far what makes the plant so special and therapeutic to many. There’s one chemical compound that is responsible for the flavor profile you notice in your favorite cannabis flower: Terpenes.  Known as aromatic chemical compounds, terpenes provide […]

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid: Is There Really A Difference?

cannabis leaves in sunset

When browsing a dispensary’s product menu, you’ve probably noticed the variety of cannabis strains and products classified as indica, sativa, or hybrid. That’s because this plant is classified into two types of cannabis species – cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.  Also referred to as just ‘indica’ or ‘sativa’ in cannabis terminology, both species are common […]

Crucial Cannabis Info: How Do I Find the ‘Right’ Dose for Me?

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At Gram’s Five & Dime, what really sets us apart from the rest is that we are different because we’re familiar. Who are we? We are a community-oriented dispensary whose goal is to be your trusted neighbor. We always strive for excellence, providing natural wellness solutions for consumers of all walks of life. Of all […]