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mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a good neighbor by offering a better elevated cannabis experience for consumers by offering high-quality flower & carefully-sourced products no matter how you consume.

With a familiar and relatable cannabis brand, we bridge the gap for consumers in search of approachable, high-quality cannabis wellness solutions. As we move forward to provide the best products in central Maine, we’ll continue to work towards normalizing the cannabis plant by removing its stigma, all while remaining deeply focused on environmental sustainability and giving back to our community.

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Who's 'Gram'?

Gram’s Five & Dime Cannabis Co. was founded by Tammy Smith, a.k.a. ‘Gram,’ with the loving support of her amazing family. Above all else, her mission is bringing a reputable, professional, and community-oriented medical cannabis dispensary experience to the people of Sebasticook Valley, Maine—one intended to be just as normal as taking a trip to the coffee shop or grocery store.

Premier Cannabis for all

Operating in a quickly-growing legal market that has long been defined by stereotypes, stigma, and harmful untruths, our medical dispensary team strives to provide premier, accessible cannabis options for all. Our warm, woodsy and open dispensaries evoke the spirit of Maine and offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Best of all, our knowledgeable budtenders are there to be your friendly neighborhood cannabis guides.

building something for ourselves

We are a proud women-owned-and-led business that was born out of an opportunity to build something for ourselves, by ourselves. At Grams’s Five & Dime, we’re different because we’re familiar. 

We’re not trying to ‘be’ cannabis. We’re aiming to be a trusted neighbor — bringing natural cannabis wellness solutions to consumers in all walks of life.

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