Best Dispensaries in Maine in 2023 – Recreational & Medical

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On a search for the best medical and recreational dispensaries in Maine? If you’re hanging out in the Pine Tree State, you’re in the prime position to visit some of the best cannabis dispensaries in New England. To help you ensure you make your way to only the best, we’ve pulled together a collection of the best dispensaries in Maine in 2023, recreational and medical.



Best Recreational Dispensaries in Maine

Newport, ME Recreational Cannabis Dispensary - Gram's Five & Dime

Gram’s Five & Dime in Newport, ME

Gram’s Five & Dime Cannabis Co. in Newport is all about elevating your wellness and cannabis experience. By building partnerships with some of the top cannabis cultivators and processors in the state, we’ve managed to create an exceptional menu of cannabis. From hard-to-find flower strains grown as close to natural as possible to clean and pure extracts, pre-rolls, and edibles, you can count on our menu to provide the best recreational cannabis around. And we’re a community-focused place that prides itself on being there for every customer, no matter their walk of life.

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Firestorm Cannabis in Bangor, ME

If you’re looking for amazing flower and edibles, and you happen to be near Bangor, be sure to look for Firestorm Cannabis. Firestorm Cannabis is known to honor cannabis and the quality of the plants by producing some of the cleanest, high-terpene flower and a reliable edibles collection. The Firestorm dispensary carries over that same personality of commitment to quality cannabis and providing an always reliable, always welcoming environment to their customers.

Grass Roots Marijuana Shop in Portland, ME

The Grass Roots Marijuana Shop is known as the local dispensary brought to life by the locals. This true grassroots personality has led this dispensary to be recognized as one of the best recreational dispensaries in Maine. However, beyond being the local cannabis shop everyone can appreciate for its neighborly personality, Grass Roots also creates some of the most sought-after cannabis flower in the state.

River Driver Cannabis Co. in Brunswick, ME

River Driver Cannabis Co is named for the river drivers that had such a big hand in Maine’s industrial history. Their dispensary even pays homage to this history in physical form by covering its dispensary structures with two-century-old reclaimed barn wood. Not only is River Driver Cannabis a feast for the eyes to visit, the brand has taken a sincere approach to providing the finest cannabis flower, edibles, and more.

Best Medical Dispensaries in Maine

Detroit, ME Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Gram's Five & Dime

Gram’s Five & Dime in Detroit, ME

Grams Five & Dime is the best dispensary in ME to visit if you want access to one of the finest collections of medicinal cannabis. We work with major names like Green Medic Pharms and 207 Edibles to ensure every medical patient gets quality products to support their wellness. From premium flower, high-potency edibles, and vapes to topicals and concentrates, our menu is filled with an impressive collection. With a sincere dedication to guiding people on their medical cannabis journey, we walk with you through your cannabis journey and make sure you have the best experience.

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Sinsemilla in Auburn, ME

Sinsemilla is actually the sister company of the famed Rugged Roots, which just happens to be known for producing the best weed in Maine. Sinsemilla’s medical cannabis dispensary in Auburn is one of the best medical dispensaries in the state due to its incredible collection of high-quality flower. However, Sinsemilla has a second medical location in Lewiston that’s just as noteworthy. And, the brand also has two recreational locations in Maine. Both medical dispensaries are highly regarded for taking the time to educate patients about cannabis.

Blue Sky Cannabis in Farmington, ME

Blue Sky’s name may be familiar if you’ve ever shopped for extracts and concentrates in Maine. The brand has its own certified extraction facility, but also a medical dispensary where you can buy many of Blue Sky products. Blue Sky is known for creating premium-level cannabis extracts, concentrates, and carts. Some of these are made through proprietary processes that ensure all the natural agents in the plant are found in the end products. Just as Blue Sky products have a stellar reputation, so do the brand’s medical dispensaries. Patients say shopping here is always an easygoing experience with knowledgeable, compassionate staff.

We Hope to See You at Grams Five & Dime

Whether you’re a medical patient, a recreational customer, or simply a cannabis newcomer, we welcome you to our cannabis dispensaries in Maine. At Grams Five & Dime, we work hard to make sure every customer has a good experience, no matter what. Ready to explore some of the best cannabis collections in the state? Be sure to take a look at our medical menu in Detroit and our recreational menu in Newport.



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