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Foothill Pharms

Do you prefer to support cannabis cultivators that take a sustainable approach to growing weed in Maine? If so, Foothill Pharms is a brand name to remember. Foothill Pharms is a well-loved cannabis cultivator and processor with a collection of natural, premium-grown cannabis, as well as vaporizers and pre-rolls. Take a closer look at this brand and everything you will want to know below.

Who Is Foothill Pharms?

Foothill Pharms is an innovative cannabis cultivator and processor in Maine that focuses on sustainable, clean cannabis flower and cannabis products. With a robust collection of strains in its library, the brand has steadily gained recognition for providing some of the best cannabis cultivars in the state. Foothill Pharms cannabis is brought to life in a way that is kind to the environment and ensures products are always safe for the end customer.

Foothill Pharms:

Product Line:

Foothill Pharms has an impressive collection of strains and products made with the strains they grow, such as vape carts, vape disposables, pre-rolls, and infused pre-rolls.

Flower Strains

  • Super Skunk (Indica) – A pungent, sweet-tinged strain that works well for sleep
  • Sunset High (Indica) – A mellow strain with loads of flavor and euphoric energy
  • Gorilla Glue (Hybrid) – A heavy-handed hybrid that does well for physical discomfort
  • Cherry Pie (Indica) – A tart, berry-flavored strain with a flair for creative energy
  • Durbin Poison (Sativa) – A pure Sativa with loads of energy and a spicy, earthy flavor
  • LSD (Hybrid) – A potent hybrid strain with a peppery, sweet flavor and loads of cerebral energy


  • 1 gram Pre-Rolls in a variety of strains
  • 1 and 2-gram blunts in a variety of strains
  • 1.2-gram Enrobed Pre-rolls (coated in THC oil and rolled in kief)

Vape Carts

  • Live Resin Nectar Carts in various strains
  • Live Resin Nectar Disposables in strains like Super Skunk and LSD
  • Distillate Carts in strains like Super Skunk and Blueberry Punch
  • Distillate Disposables in strains like Zkittlez, Blueberry Punch, and Cotton Candy

Foothill Pharms Reviews

You never have to look far to find people in ME who have good things to say about Foothill Pharms. The flower is in such high demand, that it can sometimes be hard to find it in stock. Customers love the fact that Foothill focuses on sustainability, clean growing practices, and growing flower cultivars with respectable genetics. The strains are always true to their roots, terpene-rich, and well-cured.

Where to Buy Foothill Pharms Products in Maine

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Foothill Pharms cannabis products are available at recreational dispensaries in various parts of Maine, including in Newport. Be sure to look for the brand’s products on your favorite dispensary menus.

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Gram’s Five & Dime is thrilled to partner with an upstanding brand like Foothill Pharms. Therefore, you can find a selection of the brand’s cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and more on our menu.


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