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Pauls Boutique Cannabis

Looking for some of the finest cannabis flower in Maine? If so, Pauls Boutique cannabis is one flower to look for that will never leave you disappointed. This brand is known for producing top-shelf flower by taking a craft approach that leads to flavorful, potent strains with respectable genetics. Find out more about Paul’s Boutique below.

What Is Pauls Boutique Cannabis?

Pauls Boutique Cannabis is one of the leading cannabis cultivators in the state. Brought to life by a husband and wife team in 2014, Paul’s Boutique is well-recognized today for offering top-quality cannabis and cannabis concentrates.

Pauls Boutique Cannabis:

Product Line:

Paul’s offers an extensive collection of highly sought-after cannabis strains. While the brand primarily produces classic strains, you will also see up-and-coming favorites with attractive genetics. A few strains from Paul’s Boutique include:

  • Ice Cream Cake (Indica Hybrid) – A highly potent, relaxing strain with notes of creamy vanilla and spice
  • Black Garlic (Indica Hybrid) – A pungent strains with loads of flavor and euphoric uplift
  • Star Dawg (Sativa Hybrid) – A potent flower with a pungent citrus and earth flavor
  • Black Dog Kush (Indica Hybrid) – A rare Indica-dominant with hints of berry and fruit and exceptionally relaxing effects
  • White Truffle (Indica Hybrid) – A decadent strain with rich, earthy flavors and loads of stress relief to deliver
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato (Hybrid) – A punchy hybrid with mouthwatering flavor
  • Apple Fritter (Hybrid) – An exceptionally potent strain with spicy apple flavor notes

Pauls Boutique Cannabis FAQs

How potent is Paul’s Boutique flower?

Paul’s Boutique has an extensive library of strains, each with a unique THC potency. Some cultivars are modest when it comes to potency and perfect for beginners, while others are more potent. All the brand’s products are clearly labeled, so be sure to check the packages as you shop or ask one of our team members for guidance.

Is Paul’s Boutique flower considered craft or artisanal?

Paul’s Boutique follows a hands-on, artisanal approach to growing cannabis, right down to close evaluation during seed selection. While the brand is one of the larger cultivators in Maine, Paul’s Boutique maintains a craft-level approach to keep the quality of their flower as high as possible.

Pauls Boutique Cannabis Reviews

Paul’s Boutique Cannabis is one of the most respected names in Maine cannabis. Customers appreciate the diverse collection of traditional and more contemporary cultivars and the fact that Paul’s strains always offer a reliable experience.

Where to Buy Pauls Boutique Cannabis in Maine

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Paul’s Boutique flower is available at select dispensaries throughout Maine. You will find this cannabis on recreational menus in adult-use dispensaries.

Shop for Pauls Boutique Cannabis in Newport at Gram’s

At Gram’s, we proudly partner with the most upstanding cultivators in Maine to make sure customers have access to the best in the state. Therefore, Paul’s Boutique Cannabis can naturally be found on our menu. Be sure to look for this brand and others at our dispensary in Newport.


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