Cannabis Terminology: What are ‘Cultivars’?


While widely used in crop and agricultural sciences, the term ‘cultivar’ has become a common keyword of classification in cannabis terminology. Synonymous with the term ‘cultivated variety,’ a cultivar is a group of plants that all hold common and distinguishable characteristics.

When describing a type of cannabis, this term is often incorrectly referred to as a ‘strain.’

In this blog, we’ll discuss what exactly classifies a cannabis cultivar – through the brief history of plant classification, and breakdown of cannabis terminology!


A Brief History of Cannabis Classification

While there have been many advancements throughout cannabis and society, the plant has been around and appreciated for its medicinal value for quite some time. The first classification of the cannabis plant species occurred more than 500 years ago.

In 1753, Carl Linnaeus (who is known as the father of modern taxonomy) discovered all cannabis variations to be of the ‘cannabis sativa’ name. It wasn’t until 1785 when the French biologist, Jean-Bapiste Lamarck, proposed the two distinct species: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

Since these two initial and monumental discoveries about the cannabis plant, there has been much progress regarding the types of cannabis that we all know, classify, and consume today.


Cannabis Cultivars

By definition, a ‘cultivar’ in cannabis terminology is known as a ‘cultivated variety’ that classifies the different appearance, aroma, and effects of a plant. As mentioned above, this terminology is also incorrectly referred to as a ‘strain’ in cannabis, a term more primarily used in microbiology and virology.

Cultivars are grown with similar, identifiable characteristics that follow some degree of consistency, for a referrable and familiar cannabis experience. Although every cannabis flower and cultivar grown is not entirely identical, these cultivars are bred, trained, and improved upon by growers for these specific traits and genetics.

Additionally, a cannabis cultivar can be identified as a group of plants created through seed germination and propagation. The seeds of one specific cannabis cultivar are used for planting and cultivating the following year, and so on.

Believe it or not, cannabis isn’t the only plant with cultivars of distinct and desirable characteristics.

At a market, you’ll find plenty of fruits and vegetables grown in cultivated varieties or different cultivars. For instance, there are cucumber varieties and grape cultivars. Apples have cultivated varieties such as Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith.

While cannabis isn’t the only plant classified by its variety, it’s important to start incorporating this terminology into our everyday reference and acknowledgment of it.


Cannabis Cultivars on Our Dispensary Menu

These varieties available at our dispensary are cultivated, hybridized varieties of specific cultivars bred by growers. Here are a few of the top cannabis cultivars you’ll find on our menu at Gram’s Five & Dime:

  • Strawberry Lemonade: This cannabis flower comes from the genetic cross of legendary cultivars, Strawberry Cough x Sour Lemon OG. Refreshing and uplifting, it is a sweet daytime pick-me-up.
  • Platinum Cake: Born from the classic crossing of Platinum OG and Wedding Cake, Platinum Cake’s effects make it the ultimate nighttime cultivar. This indica hybrid gives potent, hazy effects and euphoric relaxation, melting all aches and pains away.
  • Mango Soda: This popular hybrid comes from the crossing of Mango Candy and Blackcherry Soda. The taste and aroma of this cultivar are as delicious and delectable as its effects! Enjoy a few puffs of Mango Soda for an instantly uplifting mood boost.


Gram’s Five & Dime Cannabis Dispensary: Encouraging Your Curiosity

As the cannabis industry and medical cannabis market continue to grow and mature, it’s crucial to accurately assess and classify cannabis cultivars based on their distinct footprints.

This will help to ensure that each Maine medical marijuana patient or recreational user understands which cannabis products work best for them. They can then perfectly dial in their preferred experience or effects, based on the cultivar of their choice.

Check out our full dispensary menu to browse all of our high-quality cannabis products & Be sure to check back on our blog page for more consumer education resources!


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