Crucial Cannabis Info: What are Concentrates?


If you’ve browsed through our Gram’s Five & Dime dispensary menu, you’ve probably seen the wide variety of cannabis concentrates available. Concentrates are essentially condensed cannabinoids and cannabis compounds extracted from the plant and formulated in various ways.

Think of it like orange juice – in order to make the juice, the oranges are squeezed, extracting the most desirable parts of the fruit to create a more distilled, concentrated form.

In the case of cannabis extracts, these are the major cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds, all extracted into the various forms of cannabis concentrates we know and consume today!


The Various Forms of Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are often widely favored by the cannabis community for their bold flavor profile and potent range of effects. Otherwise known as ‘extracts,’ concentrates are sticky, waxy, or oily substances that come in many types of forms.

Below are some of the various forms of cannabis concentrates:

  • Badder

This type of cannabis concentrate is categorized by its appearance and texture. No matter the extraction method that’s used, the difference with badder among other concentrates is how its whipped consistency resembles cake batter or frosting.

Depending on the quality of the particular concentrate, badder can range in thickness and gooeyness.

Experience bursts of full flavor with one of our favorites, Jelly Rancher badder from Catchfyre!


  • Diamonds

Similarly, there are diamonds – purified, isolated, and rich with cannabinoids in pure crystalline solid form. These are known for their intense potency.


  • Live Resin

Live resin is a popular form of cannabis concentrate due to its extraction method. It’s created using the fresh, whole cannabis plant – which plays a huge beneficial factor in full-spectrum effects and intense potency.

By extracting the whole fresh plant, the essence of the aroma and flavor of the plant is greatly preserved, offering a more rich and more flavorful smoking experience.

Check out Homegrown Live Resin to experience the incredible flavor and whole essence of the fresh cannabis plant!


  • Live Rosin

Essentially, this form of concentrate is quite similar to live resin. The only unique trait that makes this concentrate different from the rest is the way it’s pressed post-extraction.

Max’s Treehouse Truphile Butter Hash Rosin is made with the traditional live rosin press process while preserving the delicious flavor of sweet purple and pine, while delivering stimulating cerebral effects.


  • Shatter

This type of cannabis concentrate is more translucent than that of wax. The appearance of shatter matches its name – solid, crystalline, and looks as hard and fragile as glass.

Shatter can be created in various ways, similar to the extraction methods of wax or live resin.

However, this refined and potent concentration doesn’t share much with wax, other than its cosmetic appearance. This is because extraction molecules in shatter are left untouched and not agitated, compared to wax which is agitated throughout the extraction process.

Budard Bud’s Platinum Punch 1g Shatter is a customer favorite for its dark consistency and potent flavor!


Gram’s Five & Dime: Offering High-Quality Cannabis Concentrates

Considering the wide variety of cannabis concentrates in today’s market, there are plenty of reasons why consumers choose to experience them. The accurately intense flavor, aroma, and overall potency of these extracts make this form of cannabis desirable to many consumers.

At Gram’s Five & Dime, our medical cannabis dispensary menu offers a large assortment of cannabis concentrates for Maine patients. From wax, shatter, live resin, and live rosin – there are plenty of cannabis concentrates that provide patients with optimal potency and long-lasting flavor.

Enjoy our full-spectrum and distillate cannabis vape cartridges for a more accessible and discreet cannabis-consuming experience.

Check out our full Maine cannabis dispensary menu to browse all of our high-quality cannabis products! Be sure to check back on our blog page for more on cannabis consumer education!

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