Gram’s Five & Dime’s Detroit Medical Dispensary is Moving to Newport, ME!

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Have you heard about the latest change at Gram’s Five & Dime dispensaries in Maine? On February 29th, our Detroit, ME medical dispensary will be moving to Newport, ME. We have had two separate locations to serve medical and recreational customers since we opened our doors, but recent changes have led us to merge the two into one, convenient location in Newport.

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Why the Move?

Our Detroit, ME medical dispensary has always been just over four miles from our recreational dispensary. We initially needed two separate locations to serve both types of cannabis customers in Detroit, Newport, and the surrounding areas. However, moving our Detroit service to Newport will allow customers to access both recreational and medical menus at one convenient location.

Many customers now hold a medical cannabis card in ME, but also shop for certain items from the recreational menu. With the merging of both locations into one new location in the same building, adult customers with a medical cannabis card will have menu options.

About Our Newport, ME Medical Dispensary – What to Expect

Our new Newport, ME medical dispensary will offer the same loving support, top-quality cannabis, and seamless shopping experience as our Detroit location. The only thing changing is our address. Our goal remains to make sure all patients feel comfortable shopping for cannabis as medicine.

Will the medical menu be changing?

Our menu at the Newport location will strive to continue to provide the same trusted cannabis brands. Therefore, you should still be able to find the products that you have worked into your daily regimen for therapeutic support. And, as always, if you don’t see something on our menu that you want, let us know. We will do our best to help you find it.

Will there be a disruption in service for medical customers?

There is no planned disruption in service for medical customers. We plan on closing our doors in Detroit on February 28th and resuming service for medical customers the following day in Newport.

What If You Are a Current Detroit Medical Cannabis Customer?

If you are a current customer at our Detroit medical location, you can continue to receive service at our Newport, ME medical dispensary once the transition is complete. We value each of you, and we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you’ve been a patient at our Detroit, ME medical dispensary, we want you to know how much we have enjoyed serving your cannabis needs since we opened! We understand that this move may cause a slight inconvenience for some, but we truly hope you will continue to make Gram’s Five & Dime your preferred place to shop for top-notch medical cannabis.

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We Look Forward to the Future of Serving Medical Customers in Newport

This transition to Newport is bound to make shopping for quality cannabis even easier than before. If you have questions about our upcoming move, feel free to reach out. We’re here to take care of you at Gram’s Five & Dime, always! Don’t forget, you can still place orders for now at our medical dispensary in Detroit via the online menu.

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