How To Use Cannabis Vape Carts & Batteries


Understanding how to properly consume vapes is crucial to having a desirable and safe cannabis experience. With that said, when it comes to consumption and finding the right cartridge for you, consider this article as a helpful how-to guide!


Using Your Vape & Battery: Step-By-Step

Imagine you’ve just purchased one of the many deliciously potent vape cartridges available on our online medical dispensary menu. Next, you’ll need to purchase a universal battery that fits your vape cartridge. This is often called a ‘510 thread’ battery.

Follow these directions for proper cannabis vape cartridge consumption using most standard batteries:

  1. Holding the battery, click the power (circle) button five times.
    This activates the battery to turn on. With the color depending on the battery, a light will blink back to confirm it is on and is ready to be heated.
  2. Next, fasten the vape cartridge onto the top of the battery. This requires a screw top method, lining up the threading between the cartridge and battery for a smooth, tight (but not too tight) connection. Be sure to twist by the body of the cartridge and not the mouthpiece to avoid breaking the interior seal.
    Make sure there are no excess rubber plugs or safety seal pieces still attached to the vape cartridge.
  3. After attaching both pieces, it’s time to preheat your device! Heating vape pens is a crucial step during consumption, which can vary in effectiveness depending on the preheated temperature.
    Keep in mind that although most batteries share a 510 thread, they may operate differently in regards to how you preheat and consume the device. For instance, some vape batteries may require you to double-click the circle button on the base to preheat to the appropriate temperature.
    Other battery models merely require you to inhale through the mouthpiece, automatically preheating it for you. Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging to be sure.
  4. When you’re ready to consume, put your lips to the mouthpiece of the vape cartridge (while pressing the button, if required) and simply inhale for about 5 seconds.
    Exhaling completely, the vaporized THC and other cannabinoids/terpenes from the cart will immediately be ingested and inhaled through the lungs.
  5. Give yourself a few minutes before inhaling again, assessing any effects or feelings that come up for you.
    Especially if this is your first time experiencing vapes, or if you are trying a new type of vape cartridge or strain, it’s helpful to wait a few minutes for the effects to kick in before consuming more. 


More Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Cannabis Vape Experience

  • Be sure to store both your battery and cartridges in a cool and dry place.
    This will help keep your vape cartridge oil fresh for your next sesh. 
  • Avoid setting your vape pen to the highest heating temperature.
    Higher temperatures burn the terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis oil, affecting its overall taste – which is the best part about vaping!
  • Your vape cart is fragile and should be handled with care!
    Be mindful of keeping your vape stored somewhere safe – protected from damage via heat or larger objects.


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Just like there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis oil in vape cartridges, there are tasty options to choose from as well:

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