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Tired of shelling out cash every time you make a trip to the dispensary in Maine? You’re in luck! Gram’s Five & Dime in Newport, ME, is now capable of accepting debit card payments. There’s no need to make a cash run to the ATM. You don’t even have to dig around in your purse or pocket for crumpled and forgotten bills because you pay for almost everything these days with a card. This new change is bound to make shopping for the best weed in ME even more enjoyable.

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Gram’s Five & Dime Dispensary Accepting Cards!

While it has been a slow and steady process to get workarounds in place and payment processors to accept cannabis, things are finally looking up when it comes to simplifying paying for weed. At one time, federal cannabis laws made it practically impossible to pay for cannabis with anything other than cash. Thankfully, change is now, and we know all cannabis customers are going to breathe a collective sigh of relief. If you’re looking for a Maine dispensary accepting cards, we’ve got you at Gram’s!

How are we able to now accept debit cards?

Debit cards can now be used as payment at our ME dispensary because we work with third-party payment processors to handle these transactions. These payment processors are trusted and use secure and encrypted processes to help you pay for your purchase safely.

Do dispensaries accept credit cards?

Currently, credit cards are not accepted at Gram’s Five & Dime or other Maine dispensaries accepting cards. Credit card companies have tighter restrictions when it comes to cannabis. Therefore, while it may change in the future, credit cards cannot be used to pay for your purchase at this time.

Are there other ways to pay at Gram’s Five & Dime?

There sure are! If you prefer, you can also pay for your cannabis purchase using Dutchie Pay. Dutchie Pay uses an EFT payment draft straight from your bank account through a secure process. If you use Dutchie Pay, you will simply scan a QR code on your phone at checkout to pay for your purchase.

Looking for a Dispensary Gift Card?

One other exciting addition to our dispensaries is the Gram’s Five and Dime Gift Card. We now provide gift cards for cannabis customers to purchase in different amounts, from $25 to $200, which can be incredibly convenient for a few reasons. Check out some of the best reasons to invest in a Gram’s Gift Card on your next dispensary visit.

Simplify Cannabis Enthusiast Gift-Giving

Whether it’s 4/20, a birthday, Father’s Day, or no special day in particular, there’s no better way to treat a cannabis enthusiast than with a gift card to their fave dispensary. If you have someone hard to shop for, a cannabis gift card simplifies every gift-giving occasion and still ensures the recipient gets exactly what they want.

Budget for Cannabis Spending

If you only set aside a certain amount to spend on cannabis for the month, buying a gift card can be the perfect way to keep your spending in check. Simply use your gift card to pay for your purchase during every visit, and it will be easier to keep track of your budget and stay on track.

Support Local Business and Community

Buying gift cards from a local dispensary is an excellent way to support the thriving cannabis industry in your community. Buying these gift cards for others means the money goes toward making sure that the local business has the cash flow to stay open and can continue to serve customers. While cannabis in Maine may not be as competitive as it is in other states, supporting local is one way to make a difference in your location.

Shop at a Maine dispensary Accepting Debit Cards: Gram’s in Newport

From granting you access to the best dispensary deals and the finest cannabis to making paying for your cannabis as simple as possible, we’re always working hard to make buying weed easy at Gram’s. Be sure to take a look at our medical and recreational menu, where you can order ahead for convenient pickup when you arrive. And, hey, did you hear? We now accept debit cards!

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