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Looking for the best weed in Maine? With Maine’s cannabis growers holding keen dedication to sustainable growing practices, the state is home to some of the best cannabis on the East Coast. If you are planning to visit a dispensary in Maine, you will no doubt find many fine cultivars worthy of your attention. However, there are always specimens that come out on top as the best cannabis in Maine. Check out a few of our top picks below for the best Maine weed from the best brands in the area.

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Best Cannabis Strains in Maine

1. Platinum Gorilla from Casco Botanicals

  • Genetics: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Top Effects: Relaxing with pain relief

One of the most popular weed strains in Maine, Platinum Gorilla (aka Platinum Gorilla Glue) is a classic strain that works wonders for medical cannabis users. This strain is earthy, spicy, and a hint of fruity, but the effects can only be described as blissful. Platinum Gorilla is relaxing, works well for sleep, and can be a good choice for pain or physical restlessness due to discomfort.

2. Vanilla Frosting from River Driver Cannabis Co.

  • Genetics: Indica
  • Top Effects: Euphoric relaxation

A gorgeous silvery green flower, Vanilla Frosting from River Driver Cannabis Co. tastes just as you would expect: creamy and laced with vanilla sweetness. However, you can always catch a whisper of gas on the finish. Vanilla Frosting is a prized pick in the lineup of the best Maine weed due to its flavor, but its effects are just as sweet. You’re immediately lulled into a euphoric state with a healthy appetite and head-to-toe relaxation.

3. Samoas by Firestorm

  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Arousing and happy

High-potency and loads of flavor, Samoas by Firestorm is everything you could ever want from a hybrid strain. Much like the iconic cookie flavor, the Samoas weed strain is bursting with a buttery cookie flavor paired with loads of skunk and a hint of sage. The effects start out as a full-body tingle that leaves you giddy, happy, and aroused.

4. Strawberry Lemonade from Sea of Green

  • Genetics: Sativa
  • Top Effects: Uplifting energy

If you are after a flavorful sativa strain that doesn’t inhibit your focus, Strawberry Lemonade from Sea of Green is definitely one of the best weed strains in Maine. Known as the ideal daytime strain, Strawberry Lemonade provides a nice energetic uptick that leaves you prepared to face whatever the day may bring. Mentally, Strawberry Lemonade is an uplifting strain that eases stress and worry. The flavor is a sharp punch of citrus with just enough berry sweetness to balance it out.

5. Runtz from Lonestar Cannabis

  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Tingly and calm

Runtz is an exceptionally popular weed strain that gets high regard across the country. However, the Runtz grown by Lodestar Cannabis is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With a poignant THC level, tongue-tempting fruity flavors, and sharply pungent aromatics, Runtz is a delight for the senses. This strain is known to provide a deeply satisfying calming effect that has a tendency to slip you into a restful sleep.

Which coast of Maine is best for growing cannabis?

The Southern Coast of the Pine Tree State is an excellent area for growing cannabis. In fact, you can find dozens of cannabis cultivators dotting the map all along the southern coast, including brands you’ll see on our menu like Firestorm. The rich soil and climate work quite well for producing some of the best weed in Maine.

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