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Gram’s Five and Dime has recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries located near Bangor, ME. Our medical dispensary in Detroit is located only 33 min (32.9 mi) West of Bangor via I-95 S and our recreational dispensary in Newport is located only 30 min (29.4 mi) West of Bangor via I-95 S. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Bangor and beyond. Get Directions to Detroit. Get Directions to Newport.

Newport, ME Recreational Cannabis Dispensary - Gram's Five & Dime

Bangor, ME (Adult-Use) and Medical Cannabis Dispensary Customers

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Our mission is to be a good neighbor by offering a better elevated cannabis experience for consumers by offering high-quality flower & carefully-sourced products no matter how you consume. We offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and many more.

Detroit, ME Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Gram's Five & Dime

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Love love love this place! Super cute and clean, it's very homey just like your Gram's house. Staff was knowledgeable, not pushy, and extremely friendly. Will return, for sure!

Erin Austin Review via Google

Awesome place! Love the staff. They are very knowledgeable. Wide range of products. Great prices!

Dominic Sickles Review via Google

The best dispensary in the area, the staff is always great and the selection is much larger than you will find elsewhere.

Mark Bannister Review via Google

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Visiting from Bangor? Things to Know

Looking for the Best Bangor ME Dispensary?

At Gram’s Five and Dime, we’re here to meet all of your cannabis needs. Whether you’re looking for concentrates, pre-rolls, flower, edibles, or other cannabis products, we’ve got you covered. Our friendly budtenders will work with you to help you find the right cannabis products for your needs. At Gram’s, we’re passionate about what we do, and we’re excited to get to know you and help you find the right weed products for your needs.

Is weed legal in Bangor?

Good news–both medicinal and recreational weed are legal in the state of Maine, including within Bangor city limits. When it comes to transporting weed from one town to another, you’re good as long as you stay within state limits. If you’re traveling further than Bangor, you’ll want to be careful to stay within state lines, as carrying weed across state borders can carry hefty federal penalties. In Bangor, you can carry up to 2.5 ounces of recreational or medicinal weed, but you’ll need to wait until you get home to light up, as it’s illegal to smoke in public.

Other Reasons to visit Gram’s Five and Dime from Bangor

Whether you’re making a day of your trip to Gram’s Five and Dime, your recreational dispensary near Bangor, or you just need to fuel up your body before you begin the drive back to Bangor, you’ve got options. Locals love Angler’s Restaurant, 542 Elm St Newport, ME 04953, where you’ll be able to find authentic Maine cuisine, including lobster rolls, clam chowder, and fish and chips. In the mood for some smoky BBQ? You’ll want to stop by Texas Barbeque, 72 Main St Newport, ME 04953. From delicious smoked brisket to pulled pork, you’ll love every bite.

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