A Guide to Cross Country Skiing and Ice Fishing in Maine

Cross Country Skiing in Maine


Maine is sometimes referred to as a cold-weather playground for outdoor adventure seekers. With some of the coldest temperatures in the country and a lot of snowfall, many parts of the state are perfect for ice fishing and cross-country skiing. When winter settles in and the snow starts to fall, people all over the state and travelers from beyond state lines look forward to these cold-weather activities. Check out where to go to enjoy the best ice fishing Maine has to offer, as well as where you can enjoy cross-country skiing.

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Ice Fishing in Maine

Where to Enjoy Maine Ice Fishing

According to the Maine ice fishing laws, the ice fishing season Maine offers runs from January 1st through the end of March. Luckily, you never have to travel far to find a spot to drop a line and try your luck. You may even want to compete in one of the many Maine ice fishing derbies. Take a look at a few of the best spots for ice fishing Maine has to offer.

1. Sebasticook Lake

Sebasticook Lake is a massive water body in Somerset County that provides excellent fishing all year, including ice fishing in the winter. The lake boasts ice up to 12 to 16 inches thick in some of the shallower pools in the winter, and the water is full of perch and other fish species.

2. Lake Winnecook (Unity Pond)

Lake Winnecook is one of the most popular spots for ice fishing in the state. In terms of the best Maine ice fishing derbies 2023 and 2024, this site also hosts one of the largest: the FOLW Ice Fishing Derby. The lake is home to everything from yellow perch and bass to crappie, so anglers of every kind tend to gather here when the season starts.

3. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is considered one of the best ice fishing spots in northwestern Maine. The water is home to cusk, salmon, and even brook trout in the winter months, which makes it a prime destination for a lot of anglers. There’s a fishing derby that usually runs every year around the first week of March that can involve some pretty attractive prizes as well.

Places for the Best Cross Country Skiing in Maine

When it comes to cross country skiing Maine has a lot to offer. From mountain-side resorts and ample slopes to snow-covered parks, you can find so many places to get on the snow and explore. Plus, there are several spots where you can enjoy Maine cross country skiing hut to hut so you always have a good resting point. Check out a few good places to enjoy Maine cross country skiing:

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