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Find the Best Dispensary Deals in Newport

Looking for all the best dispensary deals Maine has to offer? Whether you are a medical patient or an adult customer looking for recreational cannabis at our Newport, ME dispensary, we’ve got you covered at Gram’s Five & Dime. We’re known for having some of the most affordable prices around for top-quality cannabis and cannabis products, and that reputation applies at both our medical and recreational locations. Take a look at some of the cannabis deals you can expect to see at Gram’s below.

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Shop the Best Medical Cannabis Deals Maine Has in Newport

We value our medical customers so much, which is why our medical menu is so carefully built from the most trusted brands in the state. However, we also wholly understand that when you rely on cannabis for medical purposes, getting the best cannabis deal in ME is important. Our dispensary has low prices on everything from pre-packaged flower and pre-rolls to edibles, concentrates, and tinctures.

Five & Dime Medical Edible Specials

A favorite deal in our Newport medical dispensary is the Five & Dime Medical Edible Special. When this deal is happening, you can purchase five of our Gram’s in-house 35mg gummies for just $10. We also offer our 70mg gummies for five for $20 if you’re looking for a higher-potency edible for therapeutic support.

Featured Deals on Top Medical Brands

When a medical cannabis supplier catches our attention, we like to highlight that brand by offering a good deal or special savings opportunity. For example, you may see deals for medical brands like Healer and Mighty Viking in Newport.

Shop the Best Recreational Dispensary Deals Maine Has in Newport

While customers buying cannabis for recreational purposes may not always be looking for wellness support, they still deserve the best weed deals Maine has to offer. Check out a few ways to save when shopping for recreational cannabis at Gram’s in Newport.

Bundle and Save Opportunities

Looking to stock up on your favorite edibles or some of the best vape carts in Maine? Keep an eye out for news about bundle and save or buy-two-or-more-and-save specials. Every once in a while, you’ll get good deals when you buy multiples of a certain type of flower or product, and the savings can truly add up.

Featured Brand Specials

We love highlighting up-and-coming brands or brands we appreciate in our dispensaries. So, keep an eye on the menu to catch good deals on certain brands at either dispensary. For example, you may see special savings on recreational brands like Rugged Roots and Blue Sky in Newport.

Holiday and Special Event Savings

Always be on the lookout for good deals around the holidays or during special events when shopping at any Gram’s Five & Dime location. For example, through the holidays, we offered 10% savings on everything store-wide, right down to accessories.

Don't Forget the Grams Five & Dime Loyalty Program

When you visit us for a medical or recreational purchase, you are automatically enrolled in the Grams Five & Dime Loyalty Program. You don’t have to sign up for anything, you simply earn points for every dollar spent at either dispensary. You will earn about one point for every $2 spent. Your points will accumulate every time you shop, and you can earn special savings on future purchases. For example, you can use 50 points to get $2 off your purchase.

When you register your phone number as a first-time customer at Gram’s, you will be given the choice to opt in for SMS messages and emails as well. These alerts are the key to getting all the news about upcoming ways to save money, so you’re always the first to know about good deals.

Find All the Best Recreational Weed Deals Maine Has to Offer at Gram's Five & Dime

When you want to purchase recreational cannabis without breaking the bank, come see us at our recreational dispensary in Newport, ME.

Find All the Best Medical Weed Deals Maine Has to Offer at Gram's Five & Dime

If you’re looking for the best deals on medical cannabis, come see us at our medical dispensary in Newport, ME.

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