Why Renew Your Maine Medical Marijuana Card?

Why Renew Your Maine Medical Marijuana Card?


With recreational cannabis available in Maine and your medical cannabis renewal closing in, you may be tempted to simply let it expire. It may be true that adults who are 21 and older are free to shop for cannabis at any adult-use dispensary with a valid ID. However, you might not want to allow your medical card to expire just yet. Why renew your Maine medical card? Take a closer look below.

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Benefits of Being a Maine Medical Patient

Maine medical cards are good for one year after being issued. Therefore, to maintain your status as a medical cannabis patient, you have to revisit a care provider to get recertified for the program. While this can be a bit of an inconvenience, there are obvious benefits of being a Maine medical patient.

Save Money on Cannabis

The cost you pay for cannabis as a medical patient is much lower than what you pay as a recreational customer. The cost difference is due to the taxes adult customers are subject to when purchasing cannabis. In Maine, this means you pay a 10% excise tax, a statewide 5.5% tax, and potentially an additional local tax, depending on where you shop. Medical cannabis patients are not subject to these taxes, which means their final costs for cannabis are much lower.

Access More Product Diversity

While medical dispensaries in Maine and recreational dispensaries in Maine have a similar product collection, there are differences. The medical menu is generally a little more robust in some regards. For example, you may see more high-CBD flower or cannabis products made with minor cannabinoids.

It is also important to note that there can be cultivator, strain, and brand differences between medical and recreational dispensary menus. For example, you can find 207 Edibles Drinks on our medical menu in Detroit, but not on our recreational menu in Newport. As a patient and an adult, you have the option of shopping from both types of dispensary menus.

Age Limits for Those Under 21

If you are not yet 21 and using cannabis as a medical cannabis patient, you will no longer have access to dispensaries if you don’t renew your ME medical card. Adult customers can only purchase cannabis if they are 21 years of age or older. As a medical patient, the age limit requirement is 18 and up, and younger for minor patients with a qualified caregiver.

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in Maine

Looking for a Good Maine Medical Dispensary?

Don’t forget, at Gram’s Five and Dime, we cater to both recreational customers and medical cannabis patients. Our Detroit location is a medical dispensary, while our Newport location is recreational. If you are looking for an excellent collection of quality cannabis for your medicinal needs, be sure to take a look at our menu.

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