A Closer Look at The Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail in the Winter

Snowmobiling in Maine


Looking for things to do in northern Maine this winter? When it comes to winter activities in Maine, ATV trail-riding and snowmobiling are hands down some of the most popular pastimes. And there’s no better place to take your ATV or snowmobile to enjoy some awesome trails than the Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail.

This trail is just a hop and skip from our Newport Dispensary at Gram’s Five & Dime. Check out all the details about the Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail, as well as how to enhance your winter activities with the best cannabis below.

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ATVing in Maine

What is the Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail?

The Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail is a massive trail that skirts the shorelines of a handful of lakes in Northern Maine: Corundel, Sebasticook, and Wassookeag. The trailhead starts just off Route 7 in Newport (about 15 miles north of Gram’s Five & Dime dispensary), and is one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas when it comes to winter activities in Maine.

The Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail exists because the Maine Central Railroad once ran through the area. However, when the tracks were pulled in the 1990s, residents laid claim to the land because there wasn’t much around for outdoor recreation. The level terrain and surrounding sites created the ideal place for everyone from hikers to ATVers, and several area snowmobile clubs jumped in to start grooming the trail for use in the winter. Today, the Rail Trail is one of the most popular destinations all year, but especially during the winter.

How Long is the Newport Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail?

In its entirety, the Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail is just over 27 miles long. The trail leads travelers past lakes, forests, farms, and even through the center of a few towns. Therefore, there are tons of good stopping points along the path to rest, refuel, or simply explore.

The Best Weed for Winter Activities

Whether to enhance the adventure or simply wind down and relax after a long day on the snowmobile or ATV, cannabis has grown to be a go-to for outdoor thrill-seekers. A few good considerations for your outdoor adventures include:

A lot of people even prefer high-CBD flower or lower-potency products, so they stay alert and relaxed, but everyone can have their own preferences. As always, be sure to stay safe when heading out on the trails in the winter and consume cannabis responsibly.

Start or End Your Winter Adventure at Gram’s Five & Dime

From ‘biling through the snow drifts to wheelin’ through the countryside, there’s always fun to be found in Maine in the winter. To enhance your outing with the finest cannabis products, be sure to check out the recreational menu or medical menu at Gram’s Five & Dime in Newport before heading out.

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