What is Craft Cannabis? 


Shopping for top-shelf cannabis should never be a challenge in a legal cannabis market. However, with so many new brands and cultivators entering the arena, differences in quality are bound to emerge. Yet, one type of cannabis holds a special place among the cannabis community due to its small-batch quality: Maine craft cannabis. Take a closer look below.

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So, What Is Craft Cannabis?

Maine craft cannabis is one of the most sought-after types of cannabis flower because it is grown with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and artisanal cultivation practices. Craft cannabis represents small-scale growers’ dedication to cultivating unique strains with distinct flavors and effects.

Most growers in this niche operate on smaller farms and grow only small batches of cultivars at a time. Therefore, some strains can have highly limited availability due to this fact. Each plant receives personalized care to produce premium-quality flower, and the result is cherished by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Why Buy Craft Cannabis in ME?

Craft cannabis is highly prized due to its high quality. While the best dispensaries go the extra mile to partner with only the best growers in the state, craft brands tend to provide top-shelf flower, unique strains, and even unique experiences. In addition, a lot of people opt for craft cannabis products because these products are more aligned with a back-to-the-roots way of growing quality cannabis and doing so sustainably.

You can rest assured that flower grown on a craft farm will be reliable in terms of quality. Some high-volume flower producers struggle to know their plants as personally, which can also sometimes lead to issues with concerns like mold, less rigorous testing, or simply a lack of cannabinoid and terpene content.

Top Maine Craft Cannabis Brands

1. Nova Farms

Nova Farms is a vertically integrated cannabis brand, which means it operates both a dispensary and a cultivation/processing operation. Nevertheless, this brand does take a hands-on craft approach to cultivating cannabis. With a keen attention to seed selection, sustainable growing practices, and harvest quality, Nova Farms flower is always something to appreciate.

2. Foothill Pharms

If you are looking for unique strains, high potency, and exceptional flavor, Foothill Pharms is a brand to look for on dispensary menus. With strain picks like LSD, Super Skunk, and Zkittles, this brand grows well-loved strains in the most natural way possible.

3. Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique in Windham focuses on sustainable craft cannabis grown with care in “boutique” strains that you don’t find every day. This cannabis brand has made a name for itself by producing terpene-rich flower with impressive genetics and always reliable quality.

Shop for Craft Cannabis at Gram’s Five & Dime in Newport

When it comes to making sure customers can sidestep anything questionable or sketchy on the market, Gram’s Five and Dime in Newport works hard to make that happen. We are highly selective about what brands we feature on our menu, pay close attention to quality, and use a discerning eye. Therefore, we have quite a few craft, high quality cannabis products on our menu as a result. Take a look at our recreational menu in Newport to see our full collection.

Find Our Craft Cannabis Brands


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