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As one of the main thoroughfares running through Maine, I95 offers more than just scenic views—it’s also the direct path to numerous outstanding cannabis dispensaries. Whether you’re a local making your way to some of the bigger stores or just passing through ME, exploring the cannabis scene along I95 promises access to some of the best cannabis in the state.

From artisanal strains to innovative products, these dispensaries showcase Maine’s vibrant cannabis culture while providing a diverse array of options to cater to every preference and need. You can find some of the best weed in Maine right along I95. Check out some of the best Maine dispensaries off 95 you may want to visit below.


Looking for a Maine Dispensary off 95? Check Out the Options

1. Gram’s Five & Dime in Newport

Nestled in the heart of Newport, MA, Gram’s Five & Dime is the most convenient stop for many rural Mainers en route to big-box stores and grocery shopping. However, our dispensary is also one of the best stops if you’re on your way to Eastern or Upstate Maine. We’re just a few miles from the I95 once you take Exit 150 toward Somerset Avenue (Get Directions), and open daily until 9 pm.

Detroit, ME Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Gram's Five & Dime

Over the years, Gram’s has evolved to cater to a diverse clientele when it comes to cannabis, including newcomers to cannabis and cannabis aficionados who know exactly what they want. Our recreational dispensary menu is built from hand-selected items picked with absolute discernment when it comes to quality and value for the price. Our menu includes:

At Gram’s, we’re also a popular dispensary off of 95 because of our upstanding commitment to every customer. Whether you have questions about how to find the best product or what to expect from a certain strain, our team is always happy to offer guidance and make you feel welcome as you shop.

2. Sweet Dirt in Oakland

Sweet Dirt cannabis dispensary in Oakland is right off of I95 and near the LaFleur Airport serving recreational customers. This dispensary has a reputation for offering good prices on good ME cannabis products, as well as having one of the most convenient locations around the interstate due to its proximity to the airport. Customers say this location offers a warm atmosphere and friendly staff who are always eager to answer questions.

3. Cannabis Kingdom in Winslow

The Cannabis Kingdom dispensary in Winslow is a bit more of a drive from the interstate, but it is still considered a 95 dispensary. This is a popular stopping point for people traveling to the southern coast of the state and taking I95 to get there. The Cannabis Kingdom dispensary is known to be a friendly place with good cannabis at good prices, and a lot of people say this dispensary is a great place to swap stories and get to know a few locals.

4. Wildfire Cannabis Dispensary in Waterville

If you will be near the Waterville area in search of a Maine dispensary off 95, look for the Wildfire Cannabis Dispensary in Waterville. The dispensary serves adult-use customers only but has an exceptional collection of cannabis products. Wildfire has a good reputation for providing a clean, open shopping space where you can take your time evaluating the picks on the menu.

Visit the Best Maine Dispensary off 95: Gram’s Five & Dime

When we opened our 95 dispensary, we purposefully chose this location, so we could serve both locals and passersby who would be on the lookout for high-quality cannabis in a convenient spot. So, next time you find yourself passing through Newport on I95, be sure to make a pit stop at Gram’s Five & Dime for premium cannabis products. Passing through in a hurry? Don’t forget, you can also browse our full inventory via our online menu, place an order ahead, and we’ll have your order ready when you arrive.


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