Benefits of Legal Purchasing in Maine vs Black Market  


While both recreational and medical cannabis are legal in Maine, the black market for cannabis is still in full bloom. Unfortunately, some customers see black-market cannabis as an easier path to get what they want. However, illegally-obtained cannabis always comes with risks. Take a look at some of the risks of purchasing Maine black market weed instead of purchasing cannabis from a dispensary.

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The Risks of Maine Black Market Weed

Black Market Weed Busts in Maine Are a Real Possibility

By all rights, Maine has historically taken a more proactive approach to curbing the illicit cannabis market in the state. The first adult-use dispensary opened in ME in 2020, which was much later than many other states on the West Coast. Nevertheless, as of 2021, most cannabis was already being purchased legally instead of off the black market, which was far better numbers than other states had experienced.

The reason why Maine has had such success with curbing illegal cannabis sales is that it is proactive about busting illegal growers. As recently as February of 2024, 2,000 plants were confiscated and destroyed in Central Maine. The black market for cannabis in ME has not been typical; some of these large-scale operations have been funded by foreign agents and have nothing to do with your basic basement grower with a few plants. The state has estimated that there are illegal Chinese-owned grow operations that total a value of roughly $4.37 billion.

The issue is, if you are patronizing one of the growers or are caught buying illegally, you could easily get wrapped up in legal woes yourself. Many people have been arrested in the past few months alone. Additionally, if you do not have proof of purchase of cannabis found in your possession, you could face stiffer penalties.

Black Market Weed Quality Is Questionable at Best

One of the biggest risks of purchasing cannabis illegally from a black market grower is you never know what you are getting. Maine has excellent testing requirements in place that ensure cannabis grown and sold in legal dispensaries is as safe as possible for human use. This means cannabis must meet certain quality thresholds, such as biological containment thresholds for yeast or mold.

Illicit growers are not held to any standards. And, to make matters worse, most are more concerned about turning a profit than a buyer’s health. They have no qualms about using pesticides or not monitoring the buds appropriately for mold spores. Therefore, buying illegal cannabis can always mean there is a risk of buying low-quality cannabis that could even have the potential to cause you harm.

The Benefits of Buying Legal Weed in Maine at a Dispensary

In short, when you buy legal weed in Maine, you can rest assured what you are getting is a product that has been grown appropriately and is the best quality possible. Take a look at some of the benefits of buying cannabis legally below.

Know What You’re Buying

Cannabis at a good dispensary will come from a licensed Maine cultivator who is held to stringent quality standards when it comes to testing. Licensed cultivators are required to conduct rigorous quality testing procedures to look for pesticides, heavy metals, and mold. Plus, labeling requirements ensure that the cannabis potency levels are clear, and there is no guesswork involved in dosing or the intensity of effects.

Access Authentic Strains and Products

Maine is home to some of the best cannabis cultivators, including hardworking craft growers who carefully evaluate strain genetics and harvest by hand. Cultivars are grown from verifiable seeds purchased from reliable sources. Therefore, when you visit a legal dispensary, you get access to authentic strains and genetics, as well as products made from those verifiable strains and genetics. Illegal growers commonly misrepresent what they are selling to make money.

Get Guidance About Cannabis

One of the biggest benefits of walking into a dispensary to purchase cannabis is you get immediate access to professionals to guide you along the way and offer education. Many people who work in the legal industry, including budtenders, are passionate and enthusiastic about the various products. They can offer recommendations based on things like terpene preferences, cannabinoid ratios, growing practices, and effects.

Shop for Trustworthy, Quality Cannabis at Grams Five & Dime

There’s no question you can find some of the best weed in Maine, but shopping for it legally makes all the difference. At Grams Five & Dime, we are so happy to be a part of the legal cannabis market because we know how important it is for customers to have access to products they can trust. If you are looking for a good dispensary, be sure to take a look at our medical and recreational menu.

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