Cannabis Tourism in Maine – A Deep Dive into Maine Weed Tourism

Cannabis Tourism in Maine


With a full list of states cropping up with newly legal cannabis in the northeastern part of the country, cannabis tourism in New England is booming. People from across the country are packing their bags and heading to the area in search of good weed, and a lot of them land in Maine for good reasons. In fact, when it comes to cannabis tourism Maine is one of the most popular destinations.

So, what is it about weed tourism in the Pine Tree State that attracts so many visitors? Take a closer look at why Maine may just be the best place in New England to enjoy cannabis tourism as a traveler.

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Why Weed Tourism Is Popular in Maine

The Cannabis Quality in ME Is Impressive

Maine has quickly grown to be one of the most impressive states when it comes to cannabis cultivation. We’re home to dozens of well-established cultivators and brands, each highly respected for their commitment to producing some of the best weed in Maine. From artisanal and craft brands that focus on small-batch cultivars to larger brands committed to keeping the most preferred strains in the hands of the locals, we have a little of everything when it comes to cannabis. You’ll find:

Cannabis Prices in ME Are Affordable

While Maine has not been recreationally legal for long, it has been legalized long enough for the cannabis prices in the state to stabilize. Therefore, Maine is often considered one of the cheapest places to find good deals on weed. You can find high-quality flower on the menu at Gram’s Five & Dime for less than $30 an eighth from some of the top cannabis brands in the state. Even top-shelf strains and buds are still cheaper than in many of the surrounding states.

Maine Has a Lot to Offer Travelers

Maine is a popular tourist destination for more reasons than just cannabis. The state steadily hosts around 15 million out-of-state visitors annually because, simply put, the state is beautiful and offers a lot to enjoy. Whether it is visiting the lighthouses along the coast, exploring the beauty of the natural parks, or enjoying snowsports and skiing in the winter, there’s something in every corner of the state to fill your time at every time of year.

If you’re planning a cannabis tourism visit to Maine and wondering what to do:

Maine Has Embraced Weed-Themed Travel and Tourism to the Fullest

From a campground that specializes in creating fun experiences for cannabis enthusiasts to cannabis farm tours, you can find so many weed-themed things to do while in ME. Camp Laughing Grass in Harrison, for example, offers weed-friendly glamping complete with Happy Hour Gatherings and snack packages if you anticipate the munchies. You can also find occasional cannabis farm tours, 420-friendly accommodations, and events that celebrate the cannabis culture in the state.

Camp Laughing Grass Maine

“Weed” Love to See You at Gram’s Five & Dime Along the Way!

As you create the ultimate cannabis tour of Maine, be sure to add a trip to Gram’s Five & Dime in Newport to the itinerary. Remember, you’re free to shop at our recreational dispensary as long as you bring your valid, government-issued photo ID. We love welcoming visitors from out of state, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to the cannabis of Maine during your visit. Planning ahead? Don’t forget, you can get a look at everything we have in store by exploring our online menu before your trip.

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