FEATURED POST | November 29, 2023

Cannabis Terminology: What are ‘Cultivars’?

While widely used in crop and agricultural sciences, the term ‘cultivar’ has become a common keyword of classification in cannabis terminology. Synonymous with the term ‘cultivated variety,’ a cultivar is a group of plants that all hold common and distinguishable ...

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Cross Country Skiing in Maine

November 29, 2023

A Guide to Cross Country Skiing and Ice Fishing in Maine

Maine is sometimes referred to as a cold-weather playground for outdoor adventure seekers. With some of the coldest temperatures in the country and a lot of snowfall, many parts of the state are perfect for ice fishing and cross-country skiing. When winter settles in and the snow starts to fall, people all over the state […]...
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Newport, ME Recreational Dispensary - Gram's Five & Dime

November 01, 2023

Differences Between Adult Use and Medical in Maine

While both adult use and medical cannabis have been available in Maine for a few years, many customers and patients are not so sure about the differences between the two. We get a lot of questions at Grams Five & Dime because we operate a recreational dispensary in Newport, ME, and a medical dispensary in […]...
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Northern Maine

September 26, 2023

Things to Do in Northern Maine

Heading to Maine’s northern region for some exploring? Without question, the northern parts of Maine are some of the most welcoming parts of the state. This area is riddled with natural beauty, good food, and interesting history, not to mention some of the best cannabis dispensaries in Maine. Check out this collection of things to […]...
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August 28, 2023

The Best Edibles in Maine in 2023

Whether you prefer chocolate, gummies, or even drinks, you can find some of the best edibles in Maine. Even though the cannabis market in ME is still relatively young, the state has brought to life some exceptionally innovative and respectable brands when it comes to cannabis edibles. Not sure which way to go to make […]...
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August 03, 2023

The Best Vape Carts and Disposables in Maine (2023)

From heavy-hitting Indicas to soothing hybrids, you can find some of the best weed in Maine. Therefore, finding the best vape carts in Maine is a given. The legal cannabis market in Maine has brought to life some of the most respected brands in cannabis extraction, so finding a vape that’s high-quality and flavorful is […]...
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Grams Five & Dime

August 03, 2023

Best Dispensaries in Maine in 2023 – Recreational & Medical

On a search for the best medical and recreational dispensaries in Maine? If you’re hanging out in the Pine Tree State, you’re in the prime position to visit some of the best cannabis dispensaries in New England. To help you ensure you make your way to only the best, we’ve pulled together a collection of […]...
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Blooming Cannabis

June 07, 2023

The Best Weed in Maine

Looking for the best weed in Maine? With Maine’s cannabis growers holding keen dedication to sustainable growing practices, the state is home to some of the best cannabis on the East Coast. If you are planning to visit a dispensary in Maine, you will no doubt find many fine cultivars worthy of your attention. However, […]...
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May 22, 2023

Cannabis Safety & Responsible Consumption

With the growing popularity of cannabis and more and more states legalizing its recreational use, it is more important than ever to practice safe and responsible cannabis consumption. But what does that mean? In this blog, we will cover how to responsibly use cannabis for the safety of yourself and those around you – Gram […]...
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April 26, 2023

Exploring Common Cannabis Terpenes: Myrcene

There are endless possibilities when it comes to cannabis, and that is thanks to all of the hundreds of unique compounds in each strain. These compounds can be broken up into three main categories: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Terpenes are the compounds that contribute to the flavor and aroma of cannabis strain, but they also […]...
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March 30, 2023

The Modern Prevalence of Cannabis Hybrids

Whether you are familiar with the cannabis world or you are just getting into it, the term ‘hybrids’ is one that you will hear a lot. But what exactly are hybrids, and what should you as a consumer know about them? Here at Gram’s Five & Dime, we believe in the value of cannabis education. […]...
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February 28, 2023

Cannabis Wellness: Learning More About Why the Entourage Effect Matters

At Gram’s Five & Dime, our main mission is to help our customers understand how cannabis can be used for wellness. As researchers learn more about how cannabis can alleviate pain and illness, we stay on top of it. In 2020, a groundbreaking study supported the theory of “the entourage effect” and revealed why it […]...
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December 30, 2022

Shifting the ‘THC Conversation’ Towards the Bigger Picture

The cannabis plant is unique in reacting with our bodies to produce many therapeutic and beneficial effects. While various products and flower you’ll find at our Detroit and Newport dispensaries are marketed with high THC content, there are many more compounds that make cannabis so valuable. Read on to learn how we’re shifting the ‘THC […]...
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